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Num. Project title Description Program ZADRA role Value
1. Roof of Rock The objective of the project is to demonstrate and promote the sustainable use of limestone rock along the Adriatic coast. IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Partner EUR 170,852.00
2. Talking Books The project aims to improve the social inclusion of blind and sight-impaired persons in the local community and society in general, and to increase the opportunities of the blind and sight-impaired for lifelong learning and employment. IPA Croatia – BiH Partner EUR 99,889.47
3. Guarden The objective of the project is to create an integrated approach to drafting and implementing local strategies for the protection of soil and water from pollution. SEE Partner EUR 2,125,000.00
4. REACH-out- training the unemployed to reach out and assist in work engaging persons with intellectual disabilities The project intends to train unemployed persons for the job of work assistant for persons with intellectual disabilities. IPA IV Partner EUR 213,231.00
6. Competent Stakeholders – a Strong Partnership The project will contribute to the growth and sustainable development of human resources in Zadar County, through strengthening capacities of the Local Employment Partnership. IPA IV Partner EUR 42,484.35
7. PoTRaGA – Portal for labour market, economy development and Active Labour Market Policy Measures The project envisages the development of a web portal listing the supply and demand of the labour market of Zadar County, and for the prequalification of long-term unemployed, young persons for the professions of web designer and graphic designer. IPA IV Partner EUR 161,477.18
13. REPUBLIC-MED The goal of the project is to assess the efficacy of existing national tools and methods for the application of energy efficiency in refurbishing public buildings and outdoor spaces. The project includes experimentation through a pilot study for the most common type of public building in Zadar County. MEDITERAN transnational programme Partner EUR 2,004,346.00
14. B.hive The project aims to strengthen the role of civil society in stimulating employment growth and in developing human resources. Specific goals include: strengthening capacity of associations in Zadar County through the establishment of a Federation of Associations, professional development for employees and education of association members, and promoting the acquisition of new knowledge and skills through volunteering. IPA IV Partner EUR 187,358.00


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